Renée Duval

Personal Mentoring for painters


Personal Mentoring  (Online or in person)

With over 30 years of experience teaching painting, Renee is available for mentoring for painters.  One-on-one interaction tailored to individual needs—e.g., assistance preparing an exhibition or portfolio; providing the guidance, feedback and encouragement to develop and maintain a painting practice. The fee is $90 for an hour of one on one interaction. Preparation and research is included in the fee. In person mentorship is available in the Greater Vancouver area.


Mentor's statement

My approach to mentoring is to try and help artists to be as clear as possible in their ideas and approaches to their art practice.


Most artists are constantly juggling a great number of ideas, influences and expectations as they try to make work that expresses something that is uniquely personal. My goal in mentoring is to help artists move closer towards that distinct expression.


 There are a number of ways a mentor can support artists who want to move forward. This can involve using examples of other artists’ work, suggesting alternate working methods as well as providing technical advice and problem solving exercises. Mentoring also involves helping artists articulate their ideas and providing support and validation for those ideas. Whatever an artist’s chosen subject matter or preferred working methods, I endeavour to help them make the work they feel they are meant to make.

Renee Duval

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